Technology Solutions


Leveraging technology for better benefit management and delivery

By combining innovative technologies with proven benefit management strategies, WBS offers a simple and unique dual technology solutions approach to benefit delivery, management, and support. WBS will work with you and your team to determine which technology option is best for you and your employees to maximize your benefit program investment.

Our data management services effectively collect, cleanse, report and import/export benefits management data based on each individual client’s needs. We understand that every company has their own format and way of managing information, which is why we adapt our data report services to suit your needs.

Technology Solutions:

WorX 4.0 – proprietary benefits education and enrollment platform

  • Online or offline application
  • Face-to-face and call center enrollments benefits counselors
  • Updates all employee personal, dependent and beneficiary information
  • Total compensation statements and benefits election authorization forms for each employee and the employer/HR
  • Data management of EDI connections to each insurance carrier and the employer/HR
  • Employer/HR reporting
  • Not a self-service application

WBS Enroll – comprehensive, robust benefits administration system.

  • WBS Enroll has all WorX 4.0 features PLUS…
  • Online application only
  • Self-service annual open enrollment and new hire on-boarding application
  • ACA reporting
  • Consolidated billing
  • EOI and Life event processing
  • EDI connections to insurance carriers
  • Enhanced employer/HR reporting

Data Management:

  • Custom data files transmitted to payroll and to applicable carriers/vendors
  • Electronic imaging and storage of all document requests and submissions
  • Streamlined data transaction process
  • Automated data entry and reduced errors
  • Efficient data flow and data integrity
  • Improved accuracy