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Author: Darell Eidson


CHANGE IN OPEN ENROLLMENT DELIVERY METHOD AS WELL AS MOVING EMPLOYEES FROM A PPO MEDICAL PLAN TO A RBP MEDICAL PLAN The Challenge Previous open enrollment periods were face to face with each of the client’s associates….this is what they wanted and expected.  However, during this time of COVID-19 we were tasked with meeting each…

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Educating on Referenced Based Pricing Medical Plan

The Challenge A predominantly gray collar population with 1600 eligible associates located in 38 states with multiple locations in most states. We were tasked with educating and communicating the Reference Based Pricing (RBP) medical plan, how to use the concierge service and the Health Savings Account (HSA) to associates which were previously on a very…

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The Value of Life Insurance

The Challenge A large blue collar employer with 3700 eligible employees spread over 4 states and 136 locations. The group had previously conducted open enrollment on paper with the HR team as the only support. The company projected growth and needed a multi-year strategy to grow without expanding the HR team while adding benefits and…

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HSA Education

The Challenge How would you meet all the goals for annual benefits open enrollment with a healthcare system of more than 2,300 employees across 11 locations? And on top of that, how would you introduce new benefit offerings without any internal resources or budget to support the roll-out? WBS was ready to meet these challenges,…

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Educating 25,000 Employees

The Challenge How would you like to see all 50 states in just six weeks? That’s what we did when WBS served one of its largest manufacturing clients. Companies like this, spanning multiple states, present special employee benefits enrollment issues. Such organizations are so deeply layered that they lack the internal staffing and budget to…

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Enrollment Automation

The Challenge HR had some tough roadblocks for one of our clients, a medium-sized manufacturer. The client was bogged down in an outdated manual paper-based process for both annual open enrollment and monthly new hire benefits on-boarding. They were in dire need of a more efficient and automated process. On top of that, the client…

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