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Educating on Medical Plan Changes / New Health & Wellness Clinic

The Challenge

There were 135 eligible team members in 34 locations. We were tasked with educating and communicating medical plan highlights and explaining three different networks that an associate could use. Their medical plan deductibles, copays and maximum out of pocket expenses would depend on which network was used for treatment. Therefore, we would need to educate associates on each individual network– the Health and Wellness Center (new to associates), Alliance Network and Mayo Network. Because the client joined a new Health and Wellness Clinic, we would need to educate associates on the most effective way to utilize the clinic.

Our client also challenged us with the task of educating associates about Teladoc and assist with downloading the app to their phone. During each associate meeting, we were also tasked with educating associates on their existing Dental, Vision, Short and Long Term Disability, Basic Life, Voluntary Term Life and FSA plans.

Our client was also adding Voluntary Benefits to their benefit portfolio for the first time, so we were to introduce and educate a Group Accident, Critical Illness and Permanent Life policy to each associate.

Due to hours worked and off days, most locations had to be scheduled for certain time periods on two separate days.

The Solution

WBS chose to meet face-to-face with team members and use our Online Scheduler to schedule appointments. The Online Scheduler and the WBS Call Center were used at the end of the enrollment for any associate that did not have an opportunity to meet with a benefit advocate and for any associate that needed to make any changes.
WBS created and produced a mailer which was sent to associates with details and explanations of all benefits and premiums well in advance of the Open Enrollment timeframe. Our plan was to schedule four to five locations each day and meet with associates for a 30 minute appointment.

As always, our goal was to ensure that each associate could make an informed decision on their healthcare and all other benefit options and to self-enroll on the client’s payroll system going forward.

The Result

One on one meetings resulted in completing 97% of all eligible associate enrollments. Our client truly believes that benefit advocates, onsite and available by phone in the WBS Call Center, helped increase participation in all benefits.
WBS services paired with the right Voluntary Benefits program allowed us to provide communication, education and training on their core benefits. The new benefits were well received by the associates, with 64% enrolling in a least one Voluntary Benefit policy.