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Voluntary Worksite Benefits Funding Electronic Enrollment

The Opportunity: 3787 total benefit eligible employees; 1077 employees in management and 2710 employess in the hourly crew roll. The employer is located in eight states with 176 locations serving three meals a day. Prior year enrollments were on paper for all benefits and HR wanted a more effective and efficient way to administer open enrollment

The Opportunity

  • 3787 total benefit eligible employees
  • 1077 EE in management and 2710 EE in the hourly crew role
  • Blue Collar fast food hourly employees and management
  • Eight States, 176 locations serving three meals per day
  • The Employer had enrolled each prior year on paper for all benefits and HR wanted a more effective and efficient way to administer open enrollment
  • The Employer wanted a one on one benefit communication and education plan for each employee
  • The Employer did not have voluntary worksite benefits in place

The Challenge

  • Meeting with benefit eligible employees in a widely dispersed population that has 3 shifts of employees in the food industry
  • The Employer had 7 different classes of eligible employees with 3 different medical plans, dental, vision, management group Short Term Disability and Voluntary Term Life

WBS Services Presented and Selected by the Employer

  • Voluntary Benefits Consulting
    • Voluntary Whole Life, Critical Illness and Accident plans were
      added to the benefit offering
  • Benefits Communication and Educational services
    • Benefit Bi-fold Guides for core and voluntary benefits
    • Post card mailer to each employee announcing the upcoming open enrollment
    • Face to face enrollment process conducted by salaried WBS Benefits
    • Educators at all 176 locations
    • WBS call center to capture employees missed during face to face visits
    • WBS online scheduling tool for employees to sign up for appointments

The Results

  • WBS educated 3057 or 80.7% of the 3787 benefit eligible
  • The employer greatly reduced its HR workload for open enrollment and all elections were electronically captured and sent to each benefit carrier.
  • The workforce experienced one on one benefit education and communication which was very well received
  • Commissions from the voluntary products offset all WBS fees to the employer for open enrollment administration
  • 56% – Overall product employee participation
  • Participation by Product: 1 Whole Life , 2 Accident, 3 Critical Illness
  • $892,796 – Total Voluntary Benefits Premium
  • The Broker made an additional $249,000 in commission after WBS recovered it’s expenses and split the profit 50/50 with the Broker

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