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Educating 25,000 Employees

The Challenge

How would you like to see all 50 states in just six weeks? That’s what we did when WBS served one of its largest manufacturing clients. Companies like this, spanning multiple states, present special employee benefits enrollment issues. Such organizations are so deeply layered that they lack the internal staffing and budget to provide proper benefits education and training for employees at all levels. And without the right education, employees can’t always know what benefits they have or how they work. This is a big problem for many organizations, but it’s one we’ve seen before. We knew how to handle it.

This client had 25,000 employees in 280 different locations across 50 states. Our job was to:

  • Introduce PeopleSoft, a new employee self-service benefits enrollment platform
  • Train all employees on how to use PeopleSoft, both to self-enroll in their core and voluntary benefit plans and to verify and confirm their benefit choices
  • Explain how and why employees might want to use PeopleSoft to enroll electronically through payroll direct deposit
  • Provide personalized employee benefits education to all employees
  • Enhance the company benefits program by adding a new, innovative voluntary benefit, Accident Insurance
  • Do it all at no cost to the client!

The Solution

First we had to contact our travel agent! This was a huge job requiring lots of face-to-face meetings with employees and a powerful educational campaign.

Next, WBS:

  • Created a custom-branded educational campaign to promote both core and voluntary benefits
  • Developed client-specific training sessions on PeopleSoft technology
  • Spent a full week training our benefits educators on the client’s available benefits plans and how employees could use PeopleSoft for enrollment
  • Scheduled one-on-one, onsite meetings for all employees to meet with a WBS benefits educator
  • Deployed 72 benefits educators to all 280 locations during a six-week enrollment period, making sure that we met with each and every employee

Win-Win Situation!

WBS provided a win-win situation for the client by covering the cost of WBS services with revenues generated from the new voluntary benefits. Employees enjoyed more choices in their benefits program, and the client received WBS’s benefits management services at no cost.