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Enrollment Automation

The Challenge

HR had some tough roadblocks for one of our clients, a medium-sized manufacturer. The client was bogged down in an outdated manual paper-based process for both annual open enrollment and monthly new hire benefits on-boarding. They were in dire need of a more efficient and automated process. On top of that, the client had incomplete or missing data on their employees. They offered no voluntary benefits, and they lacked the HR budget and resources to clearly communicate the benefits they did offer.

We needed to provide this HR staff the tools to clear those roadblocks and help them help the employees.

These were our challenges:

  • Identify and implement a Benefits Administration System for the client to achieve greater administrative efficiencies during open enrollment and for the year-round new hires
  • Find a way to pay for the new Benefits Administration platform
  • Enhance the clients current benefits program with new voluntary plans
  • Clearly explain and educate new and existing benefits to all employees

The Solution

With this client, WBS went back to the basics and set up a benefits process that pleased not only the HR staff, but the employees and management as well.

To blast away this company’s roadblocks, we:

  • Set up our proprietary employee benefits enrollment system, WorxGen4
  • Introduced two new voluntary benefit plans, Critical Illness and Accident Insurance
  • Created a custom-branded promotion/education enrollment campaign, using direct mail, posters, payroll stuffers and enrollment booklets
  • Deployed eight trained educators across seven different locations during a four-day enrollment period, conducting one-on-one meetings with all employees
  • Continued to use the WBS call center and benefits educators for ongoing new-hire enrollments
  • Provided timely and accurate data exchange with the company and all its insurance carriers at the end of the annual enrollment period and each month for new hires
  • Surveyed employees to determine the effectiveness of the campaign

Win-Win Situation!

WBS provided a win-win situation for the client by covering the cost of WBS services with revenues generated from the new voluntary benefits. Employees enjoyed more choices in their benefits program, and the client received WBS’s benefits management services at no cost.